Murals - works of art with a great potential

Long experience, expertise and broad professional panting skills are what distinguishes us among others on the market. We make artistic murals, outdoor advertisements, commercial wall designs, social and private graphics. We are also special task forces, with ecological (anti-smog), 3D or UV murals.

More Murals, means painting at the highest level.

Modern. Artistic. Brilliant. No compromise. Street art belongs to the most involving and novel kinds of art in the world. And murals are at the very top of this trend. From a niche thing and social projects, they have become an object of demand on the commercial market, including the most famous art galleries and popular brands. Alongside with a fashion for original design, street art has also started to inhabit our private interiors.

More Murals is an agency specialising in professional design, painting and promoting modern wall painting – murals. Since 2014, we have been carrying out great-format projects throughout Poland and the EU. And we’re out for more! With the highest quality, precision and attention to detail, our professional expertise, experience and passion for painting can turn any area into a space with an air of magic…

What do we do?

Style is not a limitation, but a way to handle an artistic challenge. Our complex approach starts from a conversation with our client… then an on-site visit, a graphic design, followed by the grand finale of the actual painting. But that is not the last word: To make the most out of your project, we also offer to make the unveiling of your mural an unforgettable experience.

Our works

Our activity

With a passion for creating and constant artistic development, limitations don’t bother us. We love challenges, and what might seem impossible for others, for us becomes a pleasure. Tell us what you expect or dream about – a cool wall decoration in a modern apartment? A unique mural? An extraordinary advertising campaign that goes viral? We cooperate with incredibly talented ilustrators and graphic designers. Our portfolio includes both realistic and abstract murals, as well as revitalisations of historical sights and urban social activities. Our murals cover various base grounds, with carefully selected highest quality materials, to guarantee long lasting.

Our works

Our goals and values

Whether, fresco, graffiti, painting, mural or decoration – you name it, for an amazing space around you. The human perception is predominantly visual, so if you dream of a space that is unique and pleasant, you found the right place. We love our work and our art.

Our works

In search of an extraordinary decoration for your interior? Planning a stunning advertising campaign for your brand? Looking for an idea for a non-profit institution social campaign? Contact Us More Murals.

Your ideas – our solutions. Original ideas, a fresh look and a highly professional approach to our job will make your adventure with modern art unforgettable and fascinating.

More Murals is when walls ceating space, any surface, any size....

More Murals - artistic murals, artistic indoor painting